Thursday, March 10, 2016

Haiti 2016: Mission within a Mission (ladies of the group)

Our journey began with Sunday Mass. After Mass we met a carpenter!!! Throughout the week visiting various schools we continued to see this carpenters work. This man made all the desks for the schools in Jeremie. By Thursday we had a strong desire to visit his tiny wood shop. With limited resources and basic tools, he creates masterpieces. He introduced us to his wife, and told us about his family.  His daughter is in her fourth year of nursing school. She has an opportunity to travel to the US with her class to finish her training. Marcel told us of his struggle to help her with the money to finalize her nursing degree.

This is our Mission within our Haiti Mission: Marcel is helping all the children in Haiti with their schooling, we feel a strong passion to raise $2,500, by April 1st, to help Marcel's daughter come to the US and acquire the highest quality of training. Be watching for more info on ways we are going to raise this money

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