Sunday, March 6, 2016

Haiti 2016: Lisa's first day

I arrived in Jeremie on Friday with the first group.  Gary, Deacon Mike, Allison, Kirby and I had our 1st work session today (Saturday).  We went to the school to work on desks for one of the classrooms.  Sandpaper, varnish and drills were everywhere!  As we worked some of the staff from school stopped to visit.  Everyone I’ve met has been so friendly.  One teacher in particular stood out. After asking me about my family and my life in the United States,  he thanked me not once but twice for coming to Haiti to help!  He said he knows that people are scared to come here because of things they hear.  I was so touched by his sincerity! Tomorrow we are going to mass at 7:00am.  Then back to the school!!!     

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