Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Haiti 2016: "it's so awesome". (Allison)

This trip just keeps on surprising me by the minute! Today we visited the orphanage and saw the little kids and played games like hokie pokie and follow the leader. It was great! Not only that but I got to see a first aid station which really interested me because I am going for nursing at USI. It was sad though because the conditions weren't very sanitary and they didn't have much supplies. After this Gary said we were going on a detour to the beach! And I was like I've never been there and to the ocean! It was so cool! And the views we saw today were just breathtaking! Also, me and Kirby finally finished our paint job at the school we think. Haha and it looks pretty good! This trip was a lot of firsts for me including my first airplane ride, going to the beach, going out of the country, and just so many other cool things! At first, I was a little iffy and scared about going on this trip but I kept having these signs to go, and now God has showed me so many cool things and I know I did his will by coming here. I just feel at home here with everyone from the parish and our new Haitain friends. It's so awesome!

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