Sunday, March 6, 2016

Haiti 2016: My first trip (Cheryl)

Arriving in Haiti … the view of the mountains were beautiful, then a large flat area was Port of Prince, it was 2:30 PM. After landing in Port of Prince, we had a driver transport us from one side of the airport to the other in order to get on a 6 passenger airplane to fly to Jeremie. Haitian people were everywhere trying to help with our packages to make a dollar. Once we got to the “airport” in Jeremie, the long strip of concrete surrounded by cows, chickens and people standing all around was shock! The journey still wasn’t over, we transported our luggage to the back of a pickup truck where a driver drove us through the outskirts of Jeremie to the house we were going to stay.  During the drive, I noticed the nice clothes most of them were wearing. There were motorcycles weaving in and out of the other vehicles as well as many walking donkeys carrying supplies. The view of the homes, people, animals etc. was beyond my expectations.  We ARRIVED!!! The house was amazing! There was a very friendly, English speaking Haitian who helped us with all the luggage. The dining room table is large enough to hold at least 12 people.  There is a fabulous cook who made an amazing meal for us. Once our stomachs were filled after the long day of travel, it was time to sit around the table and tell stories.   The work will begin tomorrow after the Sunday mass.

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