Monday, March 7, 2016

Haiti 2016: (Kirby) Day Four

Evening came and morning followed, the fourth day.

This morning we visited in of the elementary and high schools. And as soon as we walked into the school were swarmed by adorable,  smiling little Haitian kids. They loved taking pictures and looking on all our phones. When we got to the elementary school we are immediately welcomed with hugs from one of the classes.

After that, we headed over to the technical school and talked to the students of the English class one on one to see how much they have learned.

I am constantly amazed with the locals kindness and friendliness, this morning while walking to school it started raining, and some kind stranger with an umbrella walked across the street and sheltered some of us without a poncho. The other day, someone said to me " my people don't have much, but we care very much." And how true that is!

Complete strangers will smile at you on the street. Back home, when you smile at a stranger at Walmart you are looked at with shock!

While here, I've discovered just how much I take for granted back home. So tonight, while you are sitting in you air conditioned house, drinking water you don't have to worry about, hold the ones you hold dear just a little bit closer.
- Kirby Knies

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