Friday, March 11, 2016

Haiti 2016: Headed Home (Mike)

It has been a great trip, and aside from a touch of diarrhea for a few of us, it has been a healthy and safe trip as we prayed for.
Right now, half of the group is in the Port-Au-Prince airport waiting for our 2:30 flight and waiting for the others from our gang to show up.  (The chartered flight from Jeremie only holds 5 people, so we had to split up, but we'll be on the same flight to Miami).  Hopefully Fr. E got out of bed...he was still sleeping when the first of us left the house.
The commuter flight gave us great views of the mountains and Jeremie as we flew out.  Now that we are familiar with some of the landmarks, it meant more to see it from above.  That side of the island is So much more forested than north of PAP, showing the beauty that this island COULD possess.

If all goes well, we should be in Louisville by 11 pm.
Bon voyage

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